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A great NEW family board game.

Realism is an award-winning board game for adults and the whole family. Have FUN while you learn to make good choices and appreciate the rewards & risks of different investments and all without having to risk your own money.

Makes a great present.

Financial life is not about buying hotels and railway stations; it's about jobs, investment and real life choices.

Playing Realism can help to encourage good money sense. Learn in a fun way how to make the best investment choices.

Realism is an exciting and educational game where the goal is to accumulate as much wealth as possible. As well as being great fun the game subtly teaches financial awareness.

Race to become a virtual millionaire by buying property, shares and other assets but... be careful of those luxuries!

Easy to play yet challenging - watch your investments and cash grow in front of you.

Plenty of opportunities for all players! Just because one player becomes a millionaire it doesn't mean you can't.

Why not coax the kids away from their X-boxes etc to play a game as a family.

Exciting   Challenging   Easy to play   Educational   FUN!

Winners of a Realism game in the recent Round and About quiz: Katy Bath, Esther Parry, DebbieAllen, Linda Daruvala and Gabriella Re.

An introduction to Realism Game

Check it out here!

 Play the short video to introduce the Realism game.

Realism box
"Realism is a fun, realistic
& relevant game which reflects today's modern world brilliantly. Totally addictive and highly recommended."

– Della, NZ


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