2 Most popular boardgames for ipad

boys playing games on ipad

There is nothing better than playing a classic board game, and now iPad users can enjoy the same timeless charm in the digital age. Thanks to technology, many board games have evolved and been adapted for the iPad platform Here are two of the most popular.


This game has been around since the 1990s and is an iconic board game. The aim is that players collect supplies and join up villages by building roads. As a concept, it doesn’t sound that exciting, but it is the player to player interaction that makes the game come alive. When you get used to playing, it can all become very edgy. Cards are purchased using recourses that are harvested, these in turn go towards giving each player victory points.

Catan can be played on the iPad in pass-and-play multiplayer mode and has lots of the Original add-ons.


This is a board game that is all about agriculture, and players must learn how to run a farmyard, and ensure that the family has enough to eat. I can’t attempt to go into the values that this simple game will teach players but will say it can be enjoyed on several different levels.

The winner has the most points after fourteen turns. There are a shed-load of recourses and upgrades available for Agricola, and you will never think that farming is boring again. It might also teach you how to be productive and efficient as well if you are lucky.

This is the ultimate family friendly board game and can be very addictive.