Casino In Malta

Opening a casino is a unique venture with its own set of upsells and challenges. We are talking about a business that is designed so that chances always favour the house, while always keeping the customer in suspense, enough to come back again and again. The following is an outline of how to go about opening a casino business.

Legal requirements

In addition to registering the company, you as the owner must submit documentation of various kinds, both to declare your position in the business, and describe its nature. That said, if you are looking to start the venture in Europe, Malta is a great choice. Colloquially referred to as Europe’s gaming capital, the rules will be a bit favourable. To get legal advice in Malta, use a reputable law firm such as GTG Advocates.

General requirements

You will need a modern building, which can be built especially for the casino, or buy one that is up for sale. The first option will take you more time, but you will do it to your liking. If you prefer this, try to hire a good construction company to carry out the project. Alternatively, you can rent business premises in a prime location.

Business Plan

Knowing what you will need to invest in is a main factor to consider when opening a casino, so start out with a budget, based on the prices of everything you need. Take into account everything from the rent, construction or acquisition of the building, to the games, through to the fixed costs such as the salaries for personnel.


Depending on the location of your casino, there may be certain legal restrictions with respect to some casino games, so do some research on this before launching your casino. Once you are clear about what is allowed and what is not, acquire the games of roulette, blackjack, cards, slots, and other typical games. When considering the staff, remember to include surveillance personnel and appropriate uniforms.