How to Start Out with Poker – The Basics

If you are reading this, you have heard of poker, the world’s most famous card game. There are different types of poker, but in their core, they are the same ‒ betting is a must, and the winner of each hand has to have the best card combination.

Essentially, it is a people reading game. Poker allows for bluffing, so one of the ways to succeed is learning to read people. Judging character helps to build a winning strategy. This has not changed with the rise of online poker, although you cannot see your opponent’s face, body language, etc. A lot can be learned about a player by seeing their “pattern”, a.k.a. playing style.

Online poker provides a “safe” path for novices. Not everybody wants to risk their money straightaway without having experience. Online platforms offer micro limits and free games. Click here for a more comprehensive guide on starting out with online poker. As mostly beginners will read this article, I will list a few tips for those who are not comfortable playing on real tables yet:

  1. Many sites offering free games do not require high deposits when you make the next step; deposits as low as $50 are available.
  2. Choosing a website depends on you. The biggest ones usually have the biggest prizes. But this means they attract top talent. Small sites’ players are often beginners and could be a good starting point.
  3. You can win big online. The largest tournaments usually take place weekly and ask for an entry price to give the player chips. Whoever wins all chips wins the tournament.
  4. Finally, have patience and study players. This comes from practice, regardless if the game is low value or not. In every win and loss there is a lesson.