Which are the Best Board Games Right Now?


Despite the variety of online games available, sometimes you just can’t beat having those physical pieces to move around a board. So when it is snowing and you hear the refrain of your friends outside the door singing, ‘Do you want to play a board game?’ which game do you choose?

Update a Classic

Of course you can’t go wrong with old favorites such as Monopoly, Cluedo or Risk but why not give them a new spin? How about buying properties in Quahog and picking up Giggity, Giggity Giggity cards with Family Guy Monopoly, betraying Sheldon by sitting in his spot on the couch in The Big Bang Theory Cluedo or seeing if your army of daleks can be the first to overpower Dr Who in Risk The Dalek Invasion of Earth?

Strategy Games

The award winning Carcassonne is now available in a new redesigned edition. It is easy to learn and different every time as you strategically place your tiles to build the land around the French city. If this sounds a little tame for you, perhaps fighting for survival in a world of flesh-craving zombies in Dead of Winter or trying to prevent humankind being wiped out by deadly diseases in Pandemic would appeal.

For Younger Players

If you would like something a little more ‘hands on’ than your average board game Loony Quest utilises drawing and tracing skills to complete the quests and any of the Lego games such as the wonderful Minotarus require you to build your board from the lego provided.